Donor Spotlight: Lisa Tittemore

GoodWeave USA operates a consumer outreach campaign that reached 57 million people in 2009 in large part because of in-kind donations—gifts of services by media sponsors who run GoodWeave’s public service advertisements, by consultants who create GoodWeave’s ad campaigns, and by attorneys who provide legal representation.

Lisa Tittemore, a Partner with the law firm Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers LLP in Boston, has been working with GoodWeave International (GWI) on intellectual property (IP) matters on a pro bono basis.  In 2009 alone, Ms. Tittemore, along with Sunstein associate Steve Abreu, donated hundreds of hours of time to working with GWI on the rebrand from RugMark to GoodWeave, making GWI one of Ms. Tittemore’s largest pro bono clients—and that work continues. “It’s extremely generous of my partners to support the pro bono work that all of our attorneys do, and I deeply appreciate their support for this particular work,” Ms. Tittemore acknowledges. Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers has provided pro bono representation to clients in many areas, from environmental protection to civil rights to IP issues for non-profit organizations.

A Tufts University colleague of GoodWeave USA Executive Director Nina Smith, Ms. Tittemore was a GoodWeave donor and supporter first, but wanted to do more, so when the opportunity to assist the organization with its legal matters on a pro bono bases arose, she jumped at the opportunity. “I love doing IP law, and when I’m doing the GoodWeave work, I think to myself: This is why I do IP. This is so wonderful to help an organization like this and to be able to contribute.”

Ms. Tittemore continues, “It’s true for any company that the IP asset is a valuable one. As in this case, where your brand is letting consumers know more than just the source of the goods, but also something really important—like the fact that there’s no child labor being used in producing those goods—protecting the brand through development and protection of trademark rights is critical.  Registering trademarks strengthens the ability to prevent  third parties from using your mark inappropriately, which could lead to consumer confusion and harm to reputation.”

Of Ms.Tittemore’s work, Nina Smith says, “As a certification-based program, our brand is so important. We are indebted to Lisa and Sunstein for their contribution of their incredible expertise. We trust them, and we couldn’t have rebranded without them.”

GoodWeave USA thanks Lisa Tittemore and Sunstein Kann Murphy & Timbers LLP for their extraordinary generosity.

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