One in a Million: People Making a Difference

Like many designers, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, co-founder of GoodWeave media sponsor Apartment Therapy, was first drawn to GoodWeave via the extraordinary beauty of the rugs it certifies. “As a designer, I was always interested in rugs. They are such an important element in a room, combining art and furniture in more ways than any other piece,” says Maxwell.

Noticing the huge price difference for rugs made out of comparable materials, Maxwell began educating himself about the rug-making process. He learned from reputable designers like Joe Carini of Carini Lang the price disparities created by differences in wool quality, as well as by dishonorable manufacturers illegally employing children to weave rugs for little or no pay. He was introduced to the GoodWeave label, then known as Rugmark, and knew it was something his fast-growing home and design blog needed to support.

“The existence of GoodWeave was interesting to me – the idea of third parties not interested in buying, making or selling rugs but authorizing the process by which they are made. There isn’t anything else like that for furniture,” says Maxwell.

Apartment Therapy became GoodWeave’s first online media sponsor in 2006, helping generate significant brand awareness and web traffic for the child-labor-free certification. Since then, both and have grown exponentially, with Apartment Therapy’s combined sites receiving five million visitors per month and referring thousands of visitors to GoodWeave via its clickable web banner.

With a mission to help people make their abodes more beautiful, healthy and organized, Apartment Therapy believes that a calm, healthy, beautiful home is a necessary foundation for happiness and success in the world. In the case of GoodWeave certified rugs, that happiness and success loops back to the weavers making the rugs – and the children who are instead in school.

Thanks in large part to media like Apartment Therapy, who commit to running GoodWeave’s advertising pro-bono throughout the year, the One in a Million campaign aims to reach 75 million people in 2011. For more information on GoodWeave’s media sponsorship program, visit here or contact

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