The GoodWeave Standard

GoodWeave International (GWI) establishes the standard behind the GoodWeave certification label. The first Generic GoodWeave Standard, in force since 1994, and last updated August 2012, requires producers and exporters to ensure no child labor is used in the production of rugs and to allow unannounced random inspections by local inspectors. All licensed producers continue to uphold this standard while GoodWeave's expanded standard is implemented.

The Expanded GoodWeave Standard

GoodWeave has developed and piloted a new, expanded standard for the carpet industry. This standard is designed to address issues inter-related to child labor that include adult labor working conditions, fundamental human rights and environmental impacts. GoodWeave consulted with a wide range of experts and members of the carpet industry to identify and define seven principles that will help create a more stable, safe and ethical carpet supply chain. The broader scope of labor-related criteria are designed to help improve GoodWeave’s efficacy in addressing the root causes of child labor. The lack of secure incomes for adults and the exploitation of children are interrelated, while fair and decent work for adults translates into families having their own children in school.

On the basis of extensive field testing in India, Nepal and Afghanistan, GoodWeave is now tackling these challenges by phasing in the requirements for certification to the principles that can be met now, while concurrently developing new technical programs of producer support to encourage progressive improvement over time in the other areas.


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  • Standards Setting and Consultations - Click here to learn more about GoodWeave's standard development process. All interested parties are welcome to view the results of public consultations and submit comments at any time. Your feedback will be considered by the GoodWeave Standards Committee in the next scheduled review of the standard.
  • Certification Division - Click here to learn more about GoodWeave's system of inspection, monitoring and certification to verify compliance against the standard.


A Special Message from ISEAL

ISEAL Alliance executive director Karin Krieider offers a brief congratulatory message to importers about GoodWeave's status as a full member of ISEAL.
This puts GoodWeave in the company of some of the
best environmental and social standards systems in the world, making the GoodWeave label an important and credible assurance of ethical production.


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Children's Stories

At the age of five, Manju was already working on the rug looms. While she has since been found and freed from illegal carpet work, some 250,000 children throughout South Asia still toil in obscurity. Through GoodWeave nearly 3,600 kids like Manju have been rescued, rehabilitated and educated, and thousands more deterred from entering the work force.

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ISEAL Alliance

ISEAL Alliance member

GoodWeave is one of only 14 full-members of the ISEAL Alliance, the global association for sustainability standards whose Codes of Good Practice are seen as global references for developing and implementing credible standards.

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