Awareness and Action Toolkit for GoodWeave Carpet Industry Partners

As a GoodWeave licensee and/or showroom, you are already a leader in the movement to end child labor in the carpet industry. And now as a partner in GoodWeave’s new #StandWithSanju campaign, you can help us achieve our shared goal by as soon as 2020.

If you haven’t already, please take three minutes to watch Stand with Sanju. Winner of a “Stories of Change” award from Skoll Foundation and Sundance, this new three-minute video depicts the real and triumphant journey of Sanju. You’ll see how she went from child carpet weaver to being the first person in her family to go to school—and how your company and customers made that happen.

With your help, we can ensure that the end of the #StandWithSanju video is just the beginning. Stand with Sanju is the centerpiece of a year-long #StandWithSanju campaign with partners like Upworthy, US Fund for UNICEF, Walk Free, and you, our industry partners. Together we will reach tens of millions of consumers, students, business leaders and advocates worldwide around the world. Its message? While child labor is a massive problem, there are solutions and we can create a better future for children everywhere by taking a #StandWithSanju and acting to Share, Shop, Advocate and Donate.

Our goal? Not only increasing the sales of certified child-labor-free rugs: but nothing short of completely eradicating child labor from the carpet industry by 2020.



Your active participation in the campaign will help us succeed, and we want to make it easy for you. This online toolkit offers several ways that you can get involved while telling your customer base that their choice of your beautiful rugs tells a beautiful story:

  • Follow GoodWeave on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and share and re-tweet our posts, particularly during our five principal phases.
  • Embed the film on your website, using YouTube's customizable embed tool.
  • Post the film on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds, particularly during our five pricipal phases using our suggested social media content. 
  • Use our digital GIF banner on your website, particularly during our five principal phases.
  • Add our GIF banner to organization-wide emails, particularly during our four principal phases.
  • Download and play the film in your showroom, store or tradeshow booth.
  • Distribute postcards to clients with a scannable QR code that links to the film online.
  • Feature posters in your showroom or store that tell Sanju’s story and link viewers to the online film.
  • Use the Stand with Sanju hang tags on your GoodWeave certified products for the next 12 months.
  • Download a copy of the QR code that links to the video and incorporate it in your own material.



We have organized the campaign around five major milestones:

Back to School and Labor Day Launch: September 1–October 31, 2014

End Child Slavery Week: November 20–26, 2014

International Day Against Slavery/Human Rights Day: December 2014

Design for Good: February–May 2015

World Day Against Child Labor: June–July 2015



Please 'Like' GoodWeave on Facebook

  • Use the hashtags #StandWithSanju and #childlabor whenever possible

Please tag the GoodWeave Facebook page when you post about the film: Type the @ symbol before you type the page’s name, and a dropdown menu will appear with the relevant pages you’ve liked. Select “GoodWeave” and keep typing; the page will become a link. This means you’ve “tagged” the page, which will encourage more clicks/likes on the page.

Please follow @GoodWeave on Twitter:

  • Use the hashtags #StandWithSanju and #childlabor, and tag @GoodWeave whenever possible

Please follow @GoodWeave_International on Instagram

  • Use the hashtags #StandWithSanju and #childlabor, and tag @GoodWeave_International whenever possible

Stand with Sanju film still Click here for sample posts with links to the film, as well as a photo gallery of images of Sanju and stills from the film.

 Sanju video still

Click here for a downloadable version of the video or call us for a flash drive or DVD

Stand with Sanju PSA

Click here to download one of our three PSA designs

Stand with Sanju 

Download our animated GIF banner, available in two designs in the following sizes
Beautiful Rug:
300 x 250
728 x 90
300 x 100
One Million knots:
300 x 250
728 x 90
300 x 100
Stand with Sanju

Stand with Sanju poster

Click here to download one of our three poster designs

Stand with Sanju postcard

Click here to download the postcard

Stand with Sanju hang tag

Click here to download the hang tag

If you’re interested in creating any of the above material with your company name and logo highlighted, we will offer you free design services. Please contact Caroline Turnbull at 202-234-9050 for more information.



Thank you for Standing with Sanju. We will be in touch regularly to update you on our progress and to share social media posts and other material to help increase sales of GoodWeave certified rugs and multiply our impact for children like Sanju.