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The following rug companies and designers adhere to the GoodWeave child-labor-free standard. Their commitment to a clean supply chain is leading the way toward a child-labor-free future, as every GoodWeave® certified carpet sold generates funds to support education programs in the countries where rugs are produced.

View the profiles below, or browse from the list at the right to learn more about these business and their choice to use the GoodWeave label, the best assurance that no child was exploited to make a carpet or rug.

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Rug Studio

Linda Alexanian, who founded the Rug Studio with partner and husband Derek Galbraith, is the third generation of her family of rug importers. "For the past three generations," she says laughing, "the first word spoken by any child in our family is 'rug.'" Because she grew up with a family accustomed to supporting medical and educational services for weavers and their families, joining GoodWeave® was a perfect fit for the Custom Atelier division of the company.
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Somace Design

Based in Honolulu, Somace Design creates rugs with a sense of Hawaiian family spirit—'ohana—and a modern Pacific feel. A family venture between designer Kaypee Soh and managing director Edward Macey, Somace Design has grown from a small local rug boutique to a nationally recognized business whose lush, colorful rugs are in demand from coast to coast. By partnering with GoodWeave®, So'mace further embraces the spirit of 'ohana by ensuring that its rugs are free of child labor and woven only by skilled adult artisans.
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Molana Inc.

When Vahid Shahidi, founder of Molana Inc., speaks about rugs, whether the custom carpets he creates with all natural fibers or the antique rugs he has spent a lifetime studying, he speaks with a rare kind of reverence. “I don’t want to benefit from others’ poor circumstances,” he says of his commitment to the weavers and their families. His alliance with GoodWeave® has buttressed his own values.
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tm interior

Tina Mirza, tm interior's founder and designer, has always had a passion for knitting and sewing, so it's not surprising that after an early career in graphic design, she turned her hand to the business of carpet design. Starting her own rug company 10 years ago, however, was more than just business. It was sheer pleasure, she says. And having the GoodWeave® certification assured her that the people crafting her rugs would be treated fairly.
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Gary Cruz Studio

Growing up on the Texas Gulf Coast in a tiny fishing village that doubled as an art colony, Gary Cruz fell in love with the patterns and colors in nature. That love, along with a keen knowledge of proportion and scale honed by formal training as an architect, is reflected in the custom, hand-knotted rugs of Gary Cruz Studio.  In describing his affiliation with GoodWeave®, Gary speaks in architectural terms.  As an avid supporter of the organization, he says GoodWeave membership is an “essential building block” of his company.
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The Moorland Rug Company

Brian Sales, founder of The Moorland Rug Company, has spent a working life-time immersed in the world of rugs and carpets. Sales has a keen eye for originality and a passion for detail and has elegant floral designs. Brian is proud to partner with GoodWeave. "I am lucky to work with some of the most skilled weavers in the world," he concludes.
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Tibetan Karma Carpets

Alex Burgnon is not Tibetan, not Nepalese, not from a family of rug merchants and—until co-founding Tibetan Karma Carpets with buddy Mike Rhodes—not a rug designer.  He was, and still is, a flight attendant with a huge heart. Tibetan Karma Carpets was born out of compassion, and their decision to join GoodWeave® was a “way to be part of a compassionate community.”
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Proper Rugs

What Proper Rugs Creative Director and co-founder Laila Ahmadi  appreciates most about designing hand knotted, wool and silk Tibetan rugs is that “the medium offers so much creative freedom artistically and that the finished product lasts so long.” She is moved by the idea that hand knotted rugs can be passed down in families. “Each rug represents a particular time period, yet each rug is timeless.” Her sensitivity to tradition and her respect for family are a big part of the reason that she partnered with GoodWeave®.  “I design the rugs but I’m not the one weaving them. Other people make it a reality!”
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malene b

From the beginning, Malene Barnett knew she would only use child-labor-free manufacturing facilities. "I'd seen the conditions in factories overseas, and the little children going to work, so I wanted to be part of an organization that shares my values," she says. When she read about GoodWeave®, she said to herself, "This is what I want to be a part of."
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Inigo Elizalde Rugs

The way Inigo Elizalde of Inigo Elizalde Rugs tells it, a visit to Barcelona’s Picasso Museum at age 11 changed his life. “It made me want to be an artist,” he says. The unfolding of that process included a degree in painting from the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design, work as an art director in the New York theater world, and a stint as a designer for Anthropologie. Nothing, however, has engaged Inigo the way rugs do.
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