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The following rug companies and designers adhere to the GoodWeave child-labor-free standard. Their commitment to a clean supply chain is leading the way toward a child-labor-free future, as every GoodWeave® certified carpet sold generates funds to support education programs in the countries where rugs are produced.

View the profiles below, or browse from the list at the right to learn more about these business and their choice to use the GoodWeave label, the best assurance that no child was exploited to make a carpet or rug.

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Fusion Trading Company

For David Burcsik, president of Ottawa-based Fusion Trading Company, "beauty" in the home goods he sells isn't just about aesthetics. It is also about ethics. In his words, "Working with GoodWeave® marries all my ideologies about what I do and how I do it."
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emma gardner design llc

emma gardner design llc produces fine contemporary interior products including handmade rugs, luxurious alpaca/wool throws and superior quality pillows for use in home, office and hospitality spaces. Founder and award-winning designer Emma Gardner is strongly committed to good labor practices and is a proud member of GoodWeave®.

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Miller Davis Group

For Wendell Davis and Dick Miller of the Miller Davis Group, parent company of Davis & Davis, starting a line of hand-knotted Tibetan carpets from Nepal meant paying special attention to the workers. "I'll never forget the time we visited a factory in Kathmandu, looking for a place to make the rugs," Wendell says. "The owner showed us a school supported by the GoodWeave® program. We just looked at each other and said, 'This is what we’re looking for!'"
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Tania Johnson Design

British-trained weaver Tania Johnson loves the rough-and-tumble activity of the weaving mill and its technical challenges.  She brings intimate knowledge of the weaving process and years of experience in textile design to the custom wool, silk and Pashmina hand knotted rugs her company, Tania Johnson Designs, offers. “I enjoy being inside the mills. I love the weavers’ skill and I respect the people involved in the process,” she says. “It’s important to create good conditions for the weavers and their children.” Joining forces with GoodWeave® helped Tania make that happen.
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Nepal Rugs and Carpets

John London of Nepal Rugs and Carpets says that, from the first, he wanted to appeal to clients who would appreciate handmade Tibetan rugs that are not only breathtakingly beautiful but also completely "green." Given his love of natural products, his deep concern for the environment and his desire to end child labor in the rug industry, John sought GoodWeave® certification. "I just wanted to make sure that our business was giving back to the community. GoodWeave helps us to do that!"
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M & M Design International

Tired of seeing so much of the same product in the market, brothers Joel and Mark Karimzadeh, third-generation rug manufacturers, started M & M Design International. From its London and New York locations, M & M offers traditional Oriental rugs, custom-made designer rug collections and custom-produced area rugs. In addition to custom designs, the company's membership in the GoodWeave® certification program helps to set it apart.
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elson & company

Elson & company was founded with three core priorities: working with top design talent, producing a premier product and being a philanthropic member of the community. Company founder Diane Elson Bankoff joined the GoodWeave® certification program as one of its early U.S. supporters.
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The Moorland Rug Company

Brian Sales, founder of The Moorland Rug Company, has spent a working life-time immersed in the world of rugs and carpets. Sales has a keen eye for originality and a passion for detail and has elegant floral designs. Brian is proud to partner with GoodWeave. "I am lucky to work with some of the most skilled weavers in the world," he concludes.
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Paramount Rugs

The Bhattarai family knew that the rug business was a chance to create jobs and serve their community. In the words of Roshan Bhattarai of award-winning Paramount Rugs, “My father was an orphaned child and we learned from him always to ask ourselves, ‘What can we do for others?’ ” And so, working with a manager who was already involved with GoodWeave®, the Bhattarais set out to make beautiful rugs and help educate the weavers’ children.
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Rug Studio

Linda Alexanian, who founded the Rug Studio with partner and husband Derek Galbraith, is the third generation of her family of rug importers. "For the past three generations," she says laughing, "the first word spoken by any child in our family is 'rug.'" Because she grew up with a family accustomed to supporting medical and educational services for weavers and their families, joining GoodWeave® was a perfect fit for the Custom Atelier division of the company.
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