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The following rug companies and designers adhere to the GoodWeave child-labor-free standard. Their commitment to a clean supply chain is leading the way toward a child-labor-free future, as every GoodWeave® certified carpet sold generates funds to support education programs in the countries where rugs are produced.

View the profiles below, or browse from the list at the right to learn more about these business and their choice to use the GoodWeave label, the best assurance that no child was exploited to make a carpet or rug.

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Custom Cool

When Custom Cool's founder, Eliza Gatfield, decided to start producing rugs, it was more than a business decision. As an architect who has also studied fine arts and textiles, Eliza describes her move as a coming home. "It was a perfect synthesis of my skills as a fine artist and an architect," she explains. She knew she would never produce rugs using child labor, and when she heard about GoodWeave®, she says, "My hair stood on end." It was the perfect fit with her values.
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“Unlike many of my colleagues in the industry, I don’t come from a rug family tradition,” says Mark Readel, founder of RUGGUY GALLERIEZ. “We didn’t sell them, own them, or know anything about them. I fell into the rug business and fell in love with rugs.” From his first job cleaning carpets at age 17 to his role today as designer and manufacturer of high-end Tibetan rugs, Mark has been fascinated with the workmanship and the workers involved in the creation of handmade carpets. And from his first visit to a Kathmandu rug factory supported by GoodWeave®, Mark explains, “It just made sense to be part of this organization.”
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Layne Goldsmith Studio

Hardly a newcomer to the world of art and design, Layne Goldsmith had a distinguished career as a textile artist and professor in the School of Art at the University of Washington. When she considered working in the rug industry, it was a given that there be absolutely no child labor involved. "I've always favored situations that provide equally to all concerned, and I support GoodWeave® because it does just that."
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Magdalena York Collection

Concerned about sourcing her flat-weave rugs from Asia, Magdalena York Collection's founder, Evelyn Reynolds, decided to join GoodWeave®. Evelyn now feels secure about sourcing her new line of flat-woven, hand-tufted wool and linen rugs from India. "I want people to make a living like I do―in a safe way," she says. "I couldn’t sleep at night if I sold a carpet that a child worked on."
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Danielle David Grinnen Art and Design LLC

Watchful eyes, discerning sketches, intuitive color selection, excellent materials and expert hand knotting are some of the elements that come together to create the luxurious, limited-edition and custom rugs of Danielle David Grinnen Art and Design LLC. Artist and designer Danielle David Grinnen takes care that all carpets are designed and made with integrity, which is why she joined the GoodWeave® certification program.
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Gallery la Musa

It was a fortuitous journey that led AnnMaria Baldine—founder of Washington, DC’s Gallery la Musa—from studies for a career in illustration and advertising to rug design. Her concern for the well-being of weavers and their children, however, is no accident. She has been committed to service since childhood. “It is very important to me,” she says, “that children are protected. GoodWeave® is a wonderful way to make sure they aren’t exploited.”
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Ariana Rugs Inc.

Ariana Rugs owners Ahmad, Alex and Nadia Ahmadi are siblings who learned every aspect of weaving as part of a family deeply engaged in and passionate about carpet weaving. Today their company is part of the revitalization of the handmade carpet industry in their homeland of Afghanistan and GoodWeave’s first licensee there. Ariana’s beautiful modern aesthetic, gorgeous colors, perfectionism in craft and commitment to ethical business have created a high demand for the brand around the world.
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Landry and Arcari

Julie Arcari-Cook laughs as she explains the complexities and joys of working with her father and two brothers in the family’s New England-based rug business, Landry and Arcari. "The great thing is you get to be with your family every day, but of course we have our differences," the company CEO admits. "Sometimes our debates remind me of the dinner table of our childhood." One thing that was absolutely not a debate for the Arcari family was the decision to join GoodWeave®.
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When José Calvi of Monterrey, Mexico-based CALVIRUGS turned his attention from architecture and sculpture to rug design, he had absolutely no idea just how much fun the new business would be. There’s the travel not only around North America but to Italy, South Africa, China, India and Nepal.  There’s the design adventure as he re-imagines his sculptural work in hand woven wool, silk and hemp.  But most of all, he says, there’s the joy of integrating art with social issues. “That’s where GoodWeave® comes in,” says José.
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elson & company

Elson & company was founded with three core priorities: working with top design talent, producing a premier product and being a philanthropic member of the community. Company founder Diane Elson Bankoff joined the GoodWeave® certification program as one of its early U.S. supporters.
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