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The following rug companies and designers adhere to the GoodWeave child-labor-free standard. Their commitment to a clean supply chain is leading the way toward a child-labor-free future, as every GoodWeave® certified carpet sold generates funds to support education programs in the countries where rugs are produced.

View the profiles below, or browse from the list at the right to learn more about these business and their choice to use the GoodWeave label, the best assurance that no child was exploited to make a carpet or rug.

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Lindstrom Rugs

Erik Lindstrom isn't content to be "just a rug guy." As owner of Lindstrom Rugs, Erik looks to create works of art that help people pursue "the endless search for moral well-being." In his view, this means designing timeless patterns that are woven with honest labor. So when Erik had to find Nepali weavers for his designs, partnering with GoodWeave® was the natural choice.
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When Mark Cadry of Cadrys, an Australian legacy rug company, calls himself a rug specialist, it is without a bit of exaggeration. Mark is a fourth generation rug merchant whose family legacy traces back to 19th-century Persia. “My oldest childhood memories are of rugs. My psyche is infused with the feel, look, history of rugs,” he says. For Mark, rugs are about family—his family and those of the weavers. That is most certainly why the partnership with GoodWeave® is so important to him. “My grandfather said when you leave the world, you leave nothing but your good name. That comes down to how you treated people while you were alive,” says Mark.
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M & M Design International

Tired of seeing so much of the same product in the market, brothers Joel and Mark Karimzadeh, third-generation rug manufacturers, started M & M Design International. From its London and New York locations, M & M offers traditional Oriental rugs, custom-made designer rug collections and custom-produced area rugs. In addition to custom designs, the company's membership in the GoodWeave® certification program helps to set it apart.
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Company C Inc

Christine and Walter Chapin launched Company C Inc., a designer and manufacturer of hand-crafted area rugs, on a hunch that consumers would respond well to less traditional options in Oriental rug designs. That insight paid off, and as the company took hold, the Chapins signed up with the GoodWeave® certification program to ensure that its mills hired only skilled adult weavers.
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Stile BK

Stile BK's nomadic philosophy extends not only to the style of its beautiful rugs but also to its business approach. Behrouz Kolahi created Stile BK in 2004, in Italy, aiming to become an international company. A year later, the company introduced its rugs to the U.S. market, launching at the New York International Carpet Show. Behrouz has been a committed GoodWeave® member ever since.
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Tom DeMarco, founder of New York-based Kooches, was an early supporter of the GoodWeave® certification program. But what really made DeMarco want to join GoodWeave was learning that its program not only rescued and educated child weavers, it also educated the children of adult weavers―a holistic and sustainable approach.
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Sara Schneidman Inc.

As the child of a U.S. Foreign Service officer living in Southeast Asia and Italy, Sara Schneidman had no picket-fence childhood. She attributes much of her artistic vision to spending her early years abroad. Childhood years in Jakarta and Manila heightened Sara's sense of social justice, and membership in the GoodWeave® certification program now helps her make her ethical values into reality.
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Paramount Rugs

The Bhattarai family knew that the rug business was a chance to create jobs and serve their community. In the words of Roshan Bhattarai of award-winning Paramount Rugs, “My father was an orphaned child and we learned from him always to ask ourselves, ‘What can we do for others?’ ” And so, working with a manager who was already involved with GoodWeave®, the Bhattarais set out to make beautiful rugs and help educate the weavers’ children.
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Gallery la Musa

It was a fortuitous journey that led AnnMaria Baldine—founder of Washington, DC’s Gallery la Musa—from studies for a career in illustration and advertising to rug design. Her concern for the well-being of weavers and their children, however, is no accident. She has been committed to service since childhood. “It is very important to me,” she says, “that children are protected. GoodWeave® is a wonderful way to make sure they aren’t exploited.”
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Rug Studio

Linda Alexanian, who founded the Rug Studio with partner and husband Derek Galbraith, is the third generation of her family of rug importers. "For the past three generations," she says laughing, "the first word spoken by any child in our family is 'rug.'" Because she grew up with a family accustomed to supporting medical and educational services for weavers and their families, joining GoodWeave® was a perfect fit for the Custom Atelier division of the company.
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