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The rug retailers and showrooms listed here not only carry GoodWeave certified rugs, they provide monthly financial support to GoodWeave and educate customers at point of sale. GoodWeave is pleased to spotlight these partners, whose commitment to a clean supply chain is leading the way toward a child-labor-free future.

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Lead Sponsors

Kush Handmade Rugs
Kush Handmade Rugs, in Portland, Oregon, is the creation of Rebecca Leurie and Brian Robins, who offer an array of GoodWeave® certified rugs. Appreciating the opportunity to educate and promote fair labor practices, Rebecca says that "GoodWeave gives our gallery a voice when we purchase rugs. Much like our clients, we are voting with our dollars to encourage producers to uphold the GoodWeave standard."
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Driscoll Robbins
The mission of Driscoll Robbins Fine Carpets has always been to elevate the art of weaving by focusing on the most creative producers in the business. Emphasizing the weaver as artist is partly what drew Driscoll to GoodWeave®. “By ensuring that certified rugs are made by skilled adult artisans, GoodWeave reminds us not to take the weaver for granted.”
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A premier designer showroom since 1979, San Francisco’s floordesign is committed to ending child labor in the rug industry. The floordesign website features the company’s affiliation with GoodWeave® and links to the GoodWeave website.
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Interior Resources
When Dallas-based Interior Resources opened over 35 years ago, it was solely a commercial contract flooring company. Eight years later, owners Jack and Merikay Green restructured their business into a design trade flooring showroom. Since then, they have developed into a highly respected designer resource for exclusive carpet and rug lines.
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Industry Supporters

The Scarab
Minturn, Colorado
Nestled deep in Minturn, Colorado, The Scarab hosts a collection of furniture, décor and personal accessories that are authentic and handmade by artisans. 
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Azadi Fine Rugs
Scottsdale , Arizona
AZADI Fine Rugs is steeped in tradition with over two centuries of unparalleled service. AZADI’s six retail locations provide exquisite antique, contemporary and custom rugs. 
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Carol Piper Rugs
Houston, Texas
Carol Piper Rugs, with a showroom in Houston, specializes in the finest, hard-to-find rugs. 
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Christiane Millinger Oriental Rugs and Textiles
Portland, Oregon
The handmade modern and antique rugs in the Christiane Millinger showroom are individually chosen from around the world. 
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