Stand with Sanju


Child servitude is a crime committed against 168 million children worldwide. They’re forced to sacrifice their youth and their education. Stand with Sanju demonstrates how consumer buying power could end child slavery in the carpet industry.

Rugs with the GoodWeave label are made by companies that agree to not use child labor. GoodWeave makes sure by conducting random, surprise inspections. When children are found, GoodWeave rescues them and offers education and other critical services.

With your help, we can end child labor by 2020. Watch this video and learn what you can do to get involved.


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There are easy ways for everyone to join the movement. Choose from the following actions to get involved and help us spread the word to #StandWithSanju.


Tell the House of Representatives to take the first step to passing the Business Supply Chain Transparency on Trafficking and Slavery Act of 2014 (H.R. 4842) by holding a hearing. This bill requires large companies to publish how they prevent human trafficking, slavery and child labor in their supply chains.

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