Spotlight On: Joan Weissman Studio

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Joan WeissmanJoan Weissman Custom Rugs is noted for refined aesthetics and impeccable craftsmanship, not to mention rich color and lush textures. Inspired by sources ranging from ancient textiles to 20th-century sculpture, Joan's work reflects her distinctly modern approach to timeless design. Asymmetry, abstraction and restrained understatement characterize her artistic approach.

From her studio in New Mexico, Joan’s work finds its way into fine residences in the United States and abroad, as well as hotels, corporate offices and public institutions. She has designed rugs for the new galleries of Neiman Marcus in Seattle and the Chief Judge’s chambers in a federal courthouse. She has carpeted a Lear Jet and created rugs for a women’s health clinic, a private yacht and two London flats.

Coming from a background in the fine arts, Joan paints her designs by hand. Her concentration on original artwork gives her rugs a personal signature that a computer can’t recreate. Her vision is best expressed when she has a brush in hand, she explains. She draws each rug in gouache on paper and then chooses the weaving processes that will most effectively bring out the design’s qualities. She insists on the finest wool and sometimes adds detail in silk.

Joan sees her work as a collaborative process, based on close relationships with her weavers. The painstaking communication involved with a work in process begins with a detailed rendering of her original gouache. It continues with fundamental decisions about color and texture, assuring that every line in a leaf or delicate arabesque is faithfully reproduced. Collaboration is also essential when she works directly with architects and designers to develop site-specific rugs.

Joan’s early membership in the GoodWeave® certification program reflects her commitment to fair labor practices. Every Weissman carpet from Nepal bears the GoodWeave label and a unique identification number―the best possible assurance that no child had a hand in its making.

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