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The following rug companies and designers adhere to the GoodWeave child-labor-free standard. Their commitment to a clean supply chain is leading the way toward a child-labor-free future, as every GoodWeave® certified carpet sold generates funds to support education programs in the countries where rugs are produced.

View the profiles below, or browse from the list at the right to learn more about these business and their choice to use the GoodWeave label, the best assurance that no child was exploited to make a carpet or rug.

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tm interior

Tina Mirza, tm interior's founder and designer, has always had a passion for knitting and sewing, so it's not surprising that after an early career in graphic design, she turned her hand to the business of carpet design. Starting her own rug company 10 years ago, however, was more than just business. It was sheer pleasure, she says. And having the GoodWeave® certification assured her that the people crafting her rugs would be treated fairly.
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è bella

A self-confessed “texture junkie,” it was easy for owner Nicole Linton  to see how importing rugs could help the artisans she so admired. When she decided to expand her line to include rugs woven in India and Nepal, it was natural to turn to GoodWeave®.

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Bennett Bean Studio

When internationally acclaimed ceramic artist Bennett Bean decided to expand into the medium of rug design, he wasn't content simply to avoid child labor—he wanted to do something about it. Partnering with GoodWeave® has enabled him to help rescued children gain an education, while ensuring that his artistic visions are realized with the skill that only adult artisans can supply.
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Fusion Trading Company

For David Burcsik, president of Ottawa-based Fusion Trading Company, "beauty" in the home goods he sells isn't just about aesthetics. It is also about ethics. In his words, "Working with GoodWeave® marries all my ideologies about what I do and how I do it."
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Apeiron Design LLC

For owner-designer Charles Livingston, the establishment of Apeiron Design LLC is just the latest step in his artistic evolution. "My artwork, the painting, print and drawing," he explains, "just seemed to enforce that I needed to go in the direction of rug design." Today, with a line of hand-tufted contemporary rugs that are extensions of his artwork and a portfolio of custom work, Charles is pleased with his choice, including his decision to join GoodWeave®.
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BravinLee Programs

BravinLee Programs is a contemporary art gallery located in the West Chelsea neighborhood of New York City and was founded in 1991.  It is run by John Post Lee and Karin Bravin.  Helping visual artists design hand-knotted, limited edition rugs made in Nepal seemed like a perfect addition to their wide-ranging slate of projects.  Joining GoodWeave®, an organization that mirrors their political ideology, followed almost immediately.
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"It seems like I always knew I wanted a life in art," says Pauline Curtiss of Boston-based Serâser. She remembers playing on carpets as a child and being more interested in the designs on the rug than the game at hand. Pauline traces her concern with helping others to growing up in a family dedicated to volunteer work. "Helping others was just a part of our lives," she says. "And that's what GoodWeave® does by making sure that people treat each other kindly."
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Bev Hisey Textile Designs and Creations

After a 25-year career in fashion and textile design, Bev Hisey decided to produce handmade rugs in India—but the shift from producing in Canada to India presented an ethical challenge. She had heard horror stories about poor working conditions abroad, most notably child labor. Learning about the GoodWeave® inspections and monitoring program gave her the confidence to launch a new line of rugs.
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The Fine Rug Gallery at Macy’s

From a boot-strapping business borne of one man’s penchant for globetrotting to a thriving family company running the rug departments for America’s largest department store chain, Kenneth Mink's business has come a long way since its founding in 1972. In 2009 Mink's operation not only acquired leases to all 200 Macy's rug departments and, but also joined GoodWeave®, pledging to source rugs certified child-labor-free from its suppliers in India.
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When Jürgen Dahlmanns set up carpet production in Nepal, joining forces with GoodWeave was a natural for the owner of Berlin-based RUG STAR. “It is my conviction that we bear responsibility for our actions, both as producers and as consumers. Everything we do has global and social implications, and we have an obligation to make sure that we cause no damage to the world and its population.”
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